The Needs of the Child Always Come First

River Bridge is a cottage-style center that enhances children’s sense of safety and comfort, while helping to lower anxiety.  The center is designed to reduce stress on child abuse victims and to improve effectiveness of the response to child abuse allegations.

The Journey to Recovery

A specially trained Victim Advocate serves as each child's guide and safety net during this most vulnerable time, keeping them fully informed about the process, resources, and ensuring their needs are met along the way. The victim advocate provides services to non-offending caregivers of children interviewed at River Bridge.

Forensic Interviews are conducted for children when there are allegations of maltreatment or who have possibly witnessed or been a victim of a crime.  Within a child friendly, warm and welcoming environment, our Forensic Interviewer interacts with each child, asking them developmentally appropriate, non-leading questions.  This allows for the child to share their experience and to provide information. The forensic interviewers are highly trained professionals with advanced understanding of child development, memory, suggestibility, linguistics and trauma.  

FI Room

Our bilingual Mental Health Therapist provides individual and family counseling for the abused child and their non-offending family members.  Therapy is to address, process and recover from these painful experiences.  Mental health assistance may also include preparation for court testimony, as well as teen and parent support groups. 

MH Room

Children may also receive a specialized medical exam or consultation from our Medical Provider. The overall purpose of the medical evaluation is to ensure the health and well being of your child.  We offer this service to address any medical needs or questions and to gather possible evidence of physical abuse and/or sexual assault.  

Kelley & Bear

Frasier is a lab/golden retriever mix who was trained by Canine Companions for Independence and placed at River Bridge as our Facility Dog. His job is to provide a calm, neutral presence throughout the process  from initial disclosure, through therapy, and even in the courtroom  helping children to feel safe and relaxed.

Experts in the community

The staff, board, and Multi-Disciplinary Team of River Bridge also provide numerous community outreach and education activities designed to improve the treatment and enhance the prevention of child abuse:
  • Classes for parents to help prevent sexual abuse
  • Mental health treatment strategies specific to survivors of trauma
  • Myths + Facts of Child Abuse
  • Child Abuse + River Bridge 101
  • Interviewing protocol trainings and peer review
  • Workshops on the dynamics of child abuse for community members and school personnel