April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

A month dedicated to raising awareness to the issue and prevention of child abuse 
River Bridge Regional Center is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and provide for children’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs. During April and throughout the year, we hope to engage our community through dialogue and action to keep our children safe. RBRC exists to break the silence, expose the secrecy that binds child abuse, and give child victims their voice and strength back. Together we can make a positive impact and be the change in the lives of children. 
Saturday April 3rd, 2021, River Bridge and CASA of the 9th planted pinwheels in remembrance of all the children we served in 2020. Over 300 Jane and John Doe names were read in acknowledgement of these children. Stop by the Garfield County Courthouse Veterans Memorial and Paepke Park in Aspen to honor all the children.
Let us show these children we stand by them, believe them, and will work to ensure that they can reclaim their voice and strength to live out their best life!
Thank You to all those who support River Bridge and our Pinwheel Gardens!

City of Aspen, Paepke Park                                    Town of Basalt, City Hall

Town of Carbondale, City Hall                              City of Glenwood Springs, Veterans Memorial

Town of Meeker

Town of Parachute, Grand Valley Recreation Center

Town of Silt, Main Street & 7th Street

Berry Creek Middle School, Edwards (donated by Wanita Kirwan)

Dr. Corey Johnson, DDS                                       Pinwill’s Frozen Yogurt

Charlie Willman Law

Dave & Julie Ressler                                               Jamie Darien

Sally Kilton                                                             Kathy Hegberg

Jessica Owings

Lee Martin McKorkle                                            Lori Bennett

Pam Szedelyi                                                          Susan Karger

Amber Wissing                                                      Glenda Martinez

Melissa English                                                       Joyce Bulifant