sepREEL IT IN! Fish for a Cause


sepREEL IT IN! Fish for a Cause

August 27, 2020
  • Lunch & Learn Series #1: Roots of Non-Support: How to Support the Non-Offending Caregiver

    August 27, 2020  11:00 am - 1:00 pm

    This class is intended for victim advocates and professionals who work with parents of child sexual abuse survivors. Research indicates the impact of the trauma, or how resilient a child is, has more to do with the response and the support system, than with the actual type of abuse that occurred. This training focuses on how “secrecy traumas,” often involving child maltreatment, are different and how these traumas are more likely to result in Post-Traumatic Stress. A caregiver’s response is critical to healing. The root causes of non-support for child sexual abuse survivors — Disbelief, Blame and Shame — can be detrimental to recovery. There will be discussion on why some parents are vulnerable to offenders, and participants will learn strategies to help get parents on the child’s team. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on the importance of recognizing our own need for support to address secondary traumatic stress.