Our staff and partners work diligently to provide our community leaders, partners, parents and more with essential knowledge and information regarding child abuse prevention, mandatory reporting, support for victims, importance of mental health and medical, and social media safety.
If you would like to host one of the following presentations, please email Mary Cloud at mary@riverbridgerc.org to set up a time to discuss.

Healing from Intrafamilial Abuse

Internet and Social Media Safety

Myths vs. Facts of Sexual Abuse 

ACEs — Adverse Childhood Experiences

Decency & Consent

Myths vs. Facts: From Perception to Response

Building a Trauma-Informed Approach to Working with Children

Child Abuse and River Bridge 101

Presented by Kat Stenquist, RBRC forensic interviewer or Mary Cloud, RBRC Development Director.  This presentation provides information about child abuse statistics, some myths and facts, victim and offender dynamics, the purpose and process of a Child Advocacy Center in general, and River Bridge in particular. Basic information about reporting child abuse is included. This presentation can be tailored to the specific audience, from service clubs and community members to nonprofit staff, victim advocates, and law enforcement. 1.5 hours

Roots of Non-Support: How to Support the Non-Offending Caregiver: What is the Root of Non-Support?

Secondary Trauma and Taking Care of Yourself

Trauma Informed Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Abuse

Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence