Without a child advocacy center such as River Bridge, child victims often have to relive their abuse, detailing their experience multiple times to one official after another, typically at a police station. A multidisciplinary approach brings together child protection staff, law enforcement, district attorneys, and child advocacy center professionals for coordinated investigations, improving communication and data collection, which in turn improves outcomes.

We at River Bridge believe that the child abuse response should focus on the needs of the child and is most effective when the skills of multiple agencies are coordinated.

Multidisciplinary team members

  • Departments of Human Services in Eagle, Garfield, Pitkin & Rio Blanco Counties
  • Sheriff’ s Offices in Eagle, Garfield, Pitkin & Rio Blanco Counties
  • Fifth & Ninth Judicial Offices of the District Attorney
  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Victim Advocates
  • Forensic Interviewers
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Medical Providers
  • Forensic Nurse Examiners