We want to thank all of our sponsors, participants, and donors that supported us through our first virtual fishing derby and silent auction!

We had anglers from Colorado, Florida, and Alabama!

Total Fish Count: 52

Types of Fish: Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Minnow, Rainbow, Brown Trout, German Brown, Bluegill, Remora, Grey Triggerfish, and Black Drum

Most Fish caught by one person: 16 fish by Marlene M in CO

Heaviest Fish: 25lb Black Drum caught by David W in FL

Longest Fish: 28.8″ Walleye caught by Tommy B in CO

Best Fishing Photographer/Photo: Crystal R in CO

We hope you all had an enjoyable time getting out there to your favorite fishing spots! Maybe we’ll see you next year for another event!