10 Tips Caregivers Should Know to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

In these 10 episodes Meghan Hurley Backofen provides caregivers with 10 Tips for Sexual Abuse Prevention. She discusses much of the misinformation caregivers have that put children at greater risk for sexual abuse trauma. She also identifies what children need to know to be a “least likely” victim. This class is based on her work with sexual abuse survivors and extensive knowledge of sexual abuse victimization. Caregivers will feel empowered after learning specific strategies in how to talk with children about this difficult topic and how to respond if sexual abuse is suspected. This podcast is an excellent resource for parents who want to share Meghan’s book “Who’s the Boss of this Body” with their child.

Tip 1: Why Kids Need to Know About Sexual Abuse

Tip 2: Know Who Sexually Offends

Tip 3: Understanding the Grooming Process

Tip 4: Secrets Are Not Safe

Tip 5: Who’s The Boss Of This Body

Tip 6: Make CSA Prevention Part of Your Everyday Parenting

Tip 7: Know the Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

Tip 8: Know How to Respond

Tip 9: Knowing the Risks and Protective Factors

Tip 10: Raising Resilient Kids

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Six Minute Sex Ed with Kim Cavill

Episode 47: How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse with Meghan Hurley (December 2019)

This episode of Sex Minute Sex Ed is for parents and caring adults because we’re going to talk about how to prevent child sexual abuse. We sit down with Meghan Backofen, LCSW, who treats survivors of sexual abuse and their non offending caregivers. She is also author of the book Who’s the Boss of this Body? which teaches safety skills to young children. Meghan talks with me about talking with young children about safety, respecting their autonomy, and how to prevent child sexual abuse.

The Momversation Podcast

April 20, 2020: Unsilenced: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention with Meghan Hurley

Meghan Hurley, who is one of RBRC’s mental health therapists, is featured on the podcast “Momversation”. Listen as she provides beneficial information for all parents and caregivers and shares a blurb out of her children’s book, “Who’s The Boss of This Body?”



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