Crystal Mariscal

Crystal Mariscal

Board Member

I am a proud single mother of 4 teens and two rescue dogs (Monte and Gizmo.) New Castle is home for our family. I was born in California and raised in México, moved to Garfield County 16 years ago, more than 10 years in New Castle. 

I was the first Latina to serve as a Council member in New Castle and also Trustee for the Garfield Library Board of Trustees. I also serve in the Garfield Senior Programs Board. 

From homelessness to first time buyers, thanks to all the support from different non-profit organizations. This is why I believe that we need to give back to our community.  My kids are really involved as well in the community, they help in the church and in the food distributions in Rifle. Why do I help? If I want my kids to succeed in life, I need to have a community ready to back them up. A community ready, that knows how to advocate for themselves.  

My background is in broadcasting, outreach and marketing. I have my own Consultant company named Mariscal LLC Latino Community Expert (Mariscal is my Grandpa’s last name and I borrowed it in order to remind myself all the ethical and moral values that I learn from him.)

River Bridge is one of the nonprofits that I most admire in our valley, their work cannot be described without feeling pain, and the incredible staff keep doing their amazing work with love and a smile on their faces. I am here to learn from them and bring my expertise, experience and perspectives.