Working at River Bridge will always be the hardest job I have ever loved. There is a lot of pressure being “on” when a family comes to our door. “On” means a smile and warm welcoming vibe for those children and parents that have had a traumatic experience in their lives and are looking for answers and help. There can be a lot of secondary trauma passed on from families and being able to place that aside and give your all for every child and caregiver is essential in this job. I love my job and I feel blessed to have touched the lives that come to River Bridge. I have gone home and cried but in the last 10 years I have learned how to care for myself so I can come back the next day to start over again. I have had children ring the door bell just to give me a hug, I have heard “I love you Lori” at a stop light in Glenwood only to look over and see a young girls waving to me in her mom’s car. I have heard victims speak in court and I have held space while parents have cried silent tears. I have witnessed the healing that River Bridge provides and again I say my job is the hardest job I have ever loved.

Lori Bennett, Lead Family Advocate

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